Top 10 Chartshow Package


A Complete Top 10 Chart style show package, with almost everything you need to run your own top 10 countdown show!

This Generic package contains NO station names, but space for you to add your own Station ID to match your on air branding.

This instant download contains:

  • 2x Top 10 Chart Show ID’s
  • 9x Number Stings with FX
  • 1x “Official Number 1” Sting with FX
  • 1x “Your Official Number 1” Sting with FX
  • 1x “THE Official Number 1” Sting with FX

Demonstration of On-Air Use:

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Embark on a comprehensive audio journey with our all-encompassing Top 10 Chart-style show package, meticulously curated to equip you with nearly every essential for hosting your very own dynamic top 10 countdown show!

Dive into the versatility of our Generic package, intentionally void of specific station names, yet offering ample space for personalization. Effortlessly infuse your unique touch by seamlessly incorporating your Station ID, ensuring a seamless alignment with your on-air branding for an unparalleled broadcasting experience. Immerse your audience in the excitement of a professionally crafted countdown show, complete with the flexibility to tailor it to your station’s individual identity and style. Elevate your broadcasting endeavors with this comprehensive package that goes beyond expectations, setting the stage for an engaging and unforgettable radio experience.


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